Today there are hundreds of tokens. Soon there will be thousands. Token Report is the information layer providing transparency in a new asset class, for a new breed of global investor.


Crypto investors spend too long gathering data from unreliable sources. The cost of a missed opportunity can be great. Token Report is building a machine to meet this demand.


The most comprehensive list of current & upcoming token sales



Reliable facts and analysis for the diversified crypto investor.



A message-based information system: scoring projects on a system of 15 metrics; tracking changes to terms, team and product; and parsing signal from noise.



Token Report operates on a membership model, based on a token, DATA. Holders gain access to Token Report’s secure network. Institutions will access Token Report’s data feeds via application programming interface (API). API customers pay for Token Report in DATA, a percentage of which is burned with each transaction.



Here are answers to commonly asked questions.

  • What does the DATA token do?

  • Token Report’s DATA token is a membership token. Ownership of the token provides access to the most reliable data on cryptocurrency assets. Users must hold at least a threshold amount of DATA in order to access the service.
  • What is your plan for institutional customers?

  • The growth we project in crypto asset holding, buying and trading is based on the growth of online trading accounts in the late 1990s. As such, it’s inevitable that established brokerages and other financial services providers will join the many hedge funds, VC funds and other institutions already operating in this asset class. We are building an application programming interface (API) for those partners to bring Token Report data directly into their platforms. API partners will pay for access in the DATA token, and a small percentage of any DATA transacted in this way will be burned at the time of the transaction.
  • What if the token price goes up so high that new members can’t join the service?

  • It’s possible that demand for Token Report’s data will be so great, it will outstrip the fixed supply of tokens that we plan to mint. In that case, we will adjust the entry-level membership threshold in order to accommodate the unexpected demand. It will be our goal to maximize the potential market share in order to add to the long-term stability and value of the token.
  • Why create a token for a subscription service?

  • Good question. Given that our users will be diversified cryptocurrency asset holders, buyers and traders, we feel that a token sale is the best way to get close to our market. Obtaining reliable, useful data on cryptocurrency is hard and it is expensive. We hope to benefit from having close financial ties to the customers who need it the most, through the token, DATA.
  • Is Token Report decentralized?

  • No. Crowdsourced insight and information projects have proven interesting, but very difficult to execute. We believe, in an emerging asset class full of uncertainty and lacking standards, the best way to provide reliable information is to build a trusted organization. We are putting in place the resources and systems to deliver facts that token holders can rely on.
  • Is Token Report affiliated?

  • Yes. Token Report is an independent organization that has been incubated and funded inside of New Alchemy, a provider of advisory services for blockchain projects. We’ve benefited from New Alchemy’s insights into the needs and best practices of new cryptocurrencies. Once our token generation event sale is complete, we will spin off into a separate entity.
  • Can I use Token Report today?

  • Yes. We have two products: A weekly newsletter for token holders, covering news, issues and specific crypto assets; and Token Tracker, a beta site that lists every current and upcoming token generation event. Token Tracker is the simplest possible expression of our basic brand promise: We don’t miss anything.
  • Why should I buy the DATA token?

  • Do you believe, as we do, that the market for crypto assets will get more complex and fragmented before it gets simpler? Do you need access to reliable data on crypto assets? And do you believe crypto in general needs more transparency to grow? Owning DATA is your key to participating in a system that will solve these problems for your own crypto portfolio and for the entire emerging asset class.
  • What are the risks?

  • We plan to make a full statement of potential risks in our formal documentation, but here is a brief summary of a few we are aware of. It is not comprehensive.
    • Token market crash: The token market may collapse and Token Report may not be able to weather the downturn in customers and revenue. Regulatory uncertainty: Token Report is entering an unregulated market. Regulatory decisions may impact Token Report’s business negatively or positively.
    • DATA token mechanics: The DATA token draws value from Token Report services, but it is not tied by smart contract to those services. As a result, Token Report may develop services that are not tied to the token; it may disassociate existing services from the token.
    • Market timing: We believe crypto assets are like online trading, and that it is 1995. But it may be 1991. Ethereum may be MySpace, not Facebook, and the market may have years to go before it is ready for a product like Token Report.
    • Security: Because of the blockchain’s uncensorable nature, crypto assets have proven to be increasingly popular targets for hackers. Token Report users are at risk of data breach and currency theft from those attacks.
  • Who are Token Report’s competitors?

  • Today, there are many free services providing information on token sales. In addition, a handful of projects are developing more robust information services and trading platforms. We don’t look at these projects as competitors, but customers. There are many flavors of financial information. Ours will be the most comprehensive, transparent and reliable, making Token Report an ideal partner for any financial institution that needs data on crypto.


Co-founder & CEO: Galen is a journalist who has led and launched news sites covering startups, technology and venture capital.

Co-founder & executive chairman: Peter is managing director at New Alchemy and a co-founder of the Bitcoin Foundation.

Interim CTO: Ted is CTO of New Alchemy and interim CTO of Token Report. Previously, he was executive director of Advanced Technology at The Walt Disney Co.

Researcher & writer: Seline is a journalist and entrepreneur who has written for Forbes Asia and launched an e-commerce startup.


Steve Akers: Steve is a serial technology entrepreneur and the director of Bloomberg Labs, a unit within Bloomberg that develops new products for Bloomberg Terminal.

Iliana Oris Valiente: After leading Deloitte’s experimental efforts in blockchain technology, Iliana started ColliderX, a blockchain research technology incubator.

Ty Danco: A serial entrepreneur in financial technology, Ty Danco is a prolific angel investor and the former co-director of the Techstars Boston accelerator.


New Alchemy: New Alchemy is a leading boutique consulting group with recognized experts and years of blockchain, cryptocurrency and commerce experience.


"We believe that in the next five years, many assets that today are illiquid or exclusive will be tokenized. In the long term, a new kind of investor will need new kinds of information and analysis to navigate this world successfully."