Token Report’s token is a membership token. Ownership of the token provides access to the most reliable data on cryptocurrency assets. Users must hold at least a threshold amount of the token in order to access the service.
The growth we project in crypto asset holding, buying and trading is based on the growth of online trading accounts in the late 1990s. As such, it’s inevitable that established brokerages and other financial services providers will join the many hedge funds, VC funds and other institutions already operating in this asset class. We are building an application programming interface (API) for those partners to bring Token Report data directly into their platforms. API partners will pay access fees in our token, and a percentage of funds thus transacted will be burned at the time of the transaction.
In cryptocurrency, information is money. And like any financial instrument, its holders can be diluted as information spreads. The fundamental problem in financial research is this: The more people use the information, the less useful it becomes. Token Report has developed a token mechanics to solve this problem.
Yes. New Alchemy, a leading boutique consulting group with recognized experts and years of blockchain, cryptocurrency and commerce experience, is making a pre-seed investment to fund Token Report ahead of its ICO. New Alchemy is also advising Token Report on its ICO and has provided customer feedback on alpha versions of its product. 
Yes. We have three products: A weekly investor newsletter, covering news, issues and upcoming ICOs; and Token Tracker, a beta site that lists current and upcoming ICOs. Token Tracker is the simplest possible expression of our basic brand promise: We have more ICO data than anyone. Our third product, Token Clarity, is in private alpha. It is is a secure, message-based information network linked to our in-depth analysis of the crypto asset class. Investors interested ahead of our ICO can request access to the private beta by emailing: [email protected]
Do you believe, as we do, that the market for crypto assets will get more complex and fragmented before it gets simpler? Do you need access to reliable data on crypto assets? And do you believe crypto in general needs more transparency to grow? Owning this token is your key to participating in a system that will solve these problems for your own crypto portfolio and for the entire emerging asset class.
The terms of Token Report’s ICO will be published separately at least one week ahead of the ICO; they will contain a more specific assessment of the risks faced by token holders. However, a brief summary is available now in our white paper
Today, there are many free services providing information on token sales. In addition, a handful of projects are developing more robust information services and trading platforms. We don’t look at these projects as competitors, but customers. There are many flavors of financial information. Ours is today the most comprehensive, transparent and reliable source of data on ICOs, making Token Report an ideal partner for any financial services firm that needs data on cryptocurrency.